كيم هيون جونغ…[المادة] إلى حد كبير في الطلب!!

كيم هيون جونغ…[المادة] إلى حد كبير في الطلب!!

Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GREATLY IN-DEMAND!!


By:Ricky Silver

Last year 2012, Kim Hyun Joong launched his first single Kiss Kiss in Japan on January 25, 2012 and that’s the same day as today, meaning it’s his first year anniversary as a foreign recording in Japan. The Japanese version of Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy was being launched successfully as this single made it to the gold record status under Oricon. This was such a memorable day to all his Japanese fans as support poured out from here and there making such a huge noise that attracted the international media and had brought further popularity boost on Kim Hyun Joong.

To Kim Hyun Joong and to all his Japanese fans may I extend my warmest Congratulations!! For the shortest span of time Hyun Joong has brought his music and love to all his fans not only in this part of the world but to the international community be it Japan’s neighboring countries in Asia but beyond its walls. As Hyun Joong started his Japanese debut in a huge success, this achievement did not stop from there but it still followed by another success in the mid-year 2012 4th of July as he launched his next single HEAT which again made it to the top of Oricon and eventually another record breaker to hit the gold record status.

And the latest is his first full album UNLIMITED which again marked number one at Oricon and another gold record hit!! Hyun Joong shall be continuing his Unlimited Concert Series tomorrow January 26 as he shall rock another part of Japan in Kagawa at the Great Hall Anabuki followed by another rocking series Fukoka on January 28 and 29. Hyun Joong started his Unlimited concert series on January 6th in six series, which evidently were all successful. At this time his fans are now awaiting for another round of rocking event as he reach out for his fans and deliver his kind of music that millions of his global fans have loved!



I’m sure many of you have read a notice circulated by the Henecia Japan that there are certain restrictions pertaining the fans in taking videos and photos during the concert, in short fancams are being prohibited. Well this is so sad that I can’t do anything about it even I myself is at the venue even production staffs are being prohibited from taking pictures through cell phones or any other gadget and this has been our SOP since the start which is not only implemented in this concert series but in all the events we handle, which is strictly to be followed at all cost.

For the fancams the reason why the event organizers restricted on taking photos is to maintain order within the audience gallery. As a fan of course I disagree with the idea, sorry about that, but for me taking photos during the concert can help a lot as a free media coverage and I’m saying this because Hyun Joong fans for me are the best media reporters!! LOL It may sound funny but it’s true! I admire on how his fans brings in detailed updates on the events and helps a lot specially to those fans from afar in informing on updates.

Nevertheless, there are authorized personnel from DATV, KeyEast and other media entity who shall be doing this like taking photos and videos. BUT I really hope they can upload the said videos and photos during the concert ASAP as in the following day after the events!! Anyway rules are rules and fans has to abide to keep order within the audience gallery. Don’t worry we’ll have those news updates that I’m sure many fans who are attending the events shall post those updates.



Ever since Hyun Joong made his chain of success in Japan in making his Japanese music and being very active in bringing out the best that he can, it can be said one year of being active in his endeavor in Japan may not be enough but I do believe even his Japanese fans would follow him wherever he is. And so I don’t take this something to worry about because for sure he’ll be back to Japan which is quite easy for him after he had already establish his name and his music which had already marked in the hearts of every Japanese.

I think he’s up to pursuing his music in his own country Korea which I think he’ll be back and pick up where he left. There are also his Korean fans who are just so eager to have him back and I truly hope his Korean fans would really take care and protect him as he pursue with his plans in his home root, while we the international fans would watch over and support in the best ability we can. I may think after a year of marking history in the music industry in Japan maybe it’s high time he goes back to his grass roots after this Unlimited concert series.

As for us fans from afar, we shall be with him anywhere he is and remain supporting protecting him at all cost. Whatever music genre Hyun Joong shares with us and whichever way he presents himself to his fans, we appreciate with all our hearts because we believe in him and his ability to rise up to the fullest. I honestly got no idea whatever is going on in Korea but I still have this sentiments over his drama City Conquest and I got no idea how the Korean fans reacted upon hearing the news and what measures were taken in bringing out their sentiments over the drama.